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“Kill It”

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Inspired or annoyed?   I like him.

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Team Work – comes in many forms

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Does your team work this well together?

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Cisco gobbles Jabber

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Ahhh… another acquisition … that makes something like 140 acquisitions for Cisco.  My friends in Santa Clara are surely digesting yet another integration into Cisco WebEx Connect storyline.  Best of luck!

Unified Communications, blah blah blah.. read about it here

I buy the vision — now its time for E X E C U T I O N !!!

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Personal Post: First day of [new] preschool

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We’re living out of a hotel while we wait for our house to be available.  The show must go on.  The kids are now enrolled at the Concord Children’s Center.

Back to work.


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We are smarter than Me… continued…

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This is a little user generated content piece I did in one day to show some folks the power of a simpler story (although this is way too complex!).  This is the mzinga story in under 5 minutes.

I did it on a  Saturday.  You can too.  Here’s how it came to be:

7AM – Woke up.  Brushed teeth and opened Powerpoint.
8AM – Blank PPT stinks.. started playing with pics I had laying around.
9AM – Went to Starbucks. Brought Mac.   Free AT&T access for me.
9:10AM – Decided I was going to do a flash piece, not just PPT
10AM – Finished script and latte #2 (Caramel, my favorite)
10:30AM — Searched Google for “24 hour turnaround voice-over work”
10:31AM — Found – a community-of-sorts for VO talent
10:45AM – Uploaded script
12PM – had first audition in high quality MP3 format (ended up with 20 respondents!)
1PM – Paid $500 to voice dude (great guy!) for 5 minutes of audio via PAYPAL
1-3PM – Fought with PPT and stupid Microsoft products to do simple tasks
4PM – Had final script recorded, edited (also got a female voice as well) and got file via (these guys are great)
7-10pm – Ended up using Jing to do a poor-mans screen capture video, with audio playing from itunes.  Sounds like crap, but is effective.
10pm – swore my head off, cursed a bunch and spilled my diet green tea bottle on my Mac.  Then said, “you know what, this is good enough.”
Sunday AM — Posted it on (they rock, and have relationship with Jing, mentioned above)
Sunday — Sent file to Barry sooner rather than waiting for my traditional PowerPoint to be finished.  Still haven’t totally finished.

This version was tweaked by Dan and Jeff at mzinga — my original version was not quite as polished, but you get the idea.  Now, of course I wish I could re-do it, clean it up, and make it better — but hope it gives you an idea.  Its NOT MEANT TO BE MIND BLOWING FLASH — its UGC after all.  (I am a user, not a flash pro!)

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We Are Smarter Than Me – Barry Libert is right.

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Check out this preso that Barry uses when he presents the concept of “We are smarter than me”.   He and Alexa recently gave it a refresh.  I love it.

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100% SaaS — take aways from Gadi Shamia

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This was a follow up to the “Office2.0” conference last week. Missed the event, but I agree with the summary. Especially the SMB angle.

Gadi Shamia’s Office 2.0 Blog

This is also relevant regarding Cisco’s WebEx — entry into hosted email:

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Stand up to cancer

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Well written manifesto:

We used to have such crazy dreams.

The kind of dreams that brought us together, made us not mere mortals, but a movement.

We used to dream we’d get to the moon.
And we were crazy enough, fanatical enough, relentless enough, to get there.

We dreamed we’d split the atom.
Make smallpox and polio whispers from forgotten history books.
Make technology infinite, individual. 
Connect the world.

All the unbelievable and the impossible,
all the can’t do and the never will, we overwhelmed them, we overpowered them, we conquered them. 
They said no and we, well, 
We said yes. 
We stood up. 
We stood up and changed the world.

Stand up when everybody else sits down 
Stand up when it’s easier to turn away 
Stand up for everyone who can’t rise anymore

When the answer seems impossible, stand up
When the dream is right within our reach, stand up
When the powerful refuse your call, stand up

The moment is now and the time has come to stand up.
One out of every two men
One out of every three women
will face these diseases we call cancer.

Our sisters, our brothers, our fathers, our mothers,
our husbands, our wives, our children.
Our very best friends and those we’ve yet to meet.

One person every minute, one person in a moment gets lost, gets stolen, gets taken away.

We are a tapestry of lives touched and brought together by a terrorist we can actually find. And in the time it’s taken to read this, three more Americans have died.


This is where the end of cancer begins.

When together we become a force unmistakable.
A movement undeniable.
A light that cannot dim.

When we take our wild impossible dreams
And make them possible
Make them true

When together we rise as one
When we stand up

When we Stand Up To Cancer. Donate today

+ Watch the video on YouTube

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My last day at Cisco and WebEx

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Thanks to everyone in WebEx marketing! You are all superhuman.

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We are #1! Who cares?

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Seth Godin mentioned something the other day that resonates with me as a marketer (as does much of his commentary) : Marketing fundamentals still apply in today’s world, regardless of the method of communication. Read Seth’s entry on the subject here.  You must have a competitive differentiator in the market to survive.  At Cisco and WebEx, the better marketers got this concept, and argued hard to avoid chest-pounding “buy us because we are #1 in the space”…Even still, if you ask many folks what was our competitive differentiation, the answer comes back “we are #1 in web conferencing”.

What’s your competitive differentiator?  Is it sustainable?

PS — Yes, I do understand some folks buy the leader in a category simply because they are the leader.  I’ll take those sales too!  I like feeling like I am part of something big and successful, even as a customer.  But we should all know our differentiators and work to amplify these differences.  Especially in crowded markets.

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