We are smarter than Me… continued…

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This is a little user generated content piece I did in one day to show some folks the power of a simpler story (although this is way too complex!).  This is the mzinga story in under 5 minutes.

I did it on a  Saturday.  You can too.  Here’s how it came to be:

7AM – Woke up.  Brushed teeth and opened Powerpoint.
8AM – Blank PPT stinks.. started playing with pics I had laying around.
9AM – Went to Starbucks. Brought Mac.   Free AT&T access for me.
9:10AM – Decided I was going to do a flash piece, not just PPT
10AM – Finished script and latte #2 (Caramel, my favorite)
10:30AM — Searched Google for “24 hour turnaround voice-over work”
10:31AM — Found http://voice123.com/ – a community-of-sorts for VO talent
10:45AM – Uploaded script
12PM – had first audition in high quality MP3 format (ended up with 20 respondents!)
1PM – Paid $500 to voice dude (great guy!) for 5 minutes of audio via PAYPAL
1-3PM – Fought with PPT and stupid Microsoft products to do simple tasks
4PM – Had final script recorded, edited (also got a female voice as well) and got file via www.box.net (these guys are great)
7-10pm – Ended up using Jing http://www.jingproject.com/ to do a poor-mans screen capture video, with audio playing from itunes.  Sounds like crap, but is effective.
10pm – swore my head off, cursed a bunch and spilled my diet green tea bottle on my Mac.  Then said, “you know what, this is good enough.”
Sunday AM — Posted it on Screencast.com (they rock, and have relationship with Jing, mentioned above)
Sunday — Sent file to Barry sooner rather than waiting for my traditional PowerPoint to be finished.  Still haven’t totally finished.

This version was tweaked by Dan and Jeff at mzinga — my original version was not quite as polished, but you get the idea.  Now, of course I wish I could re-do it, clean it up, and make it better — but hope it gives you an idea.  Its NOT MEANT TO BE MIND BLOWING FLASH — its UGC after all.  (I am a user, not a flash pro!)


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