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I’ve been doing some data collection and research on SaaS Business Modeling and Marketing Metrics recently.  For those of us that live and breath this stuff, these links are pretty straightforward, but if you’re new to subscription revenue models and the related funnels and math, there is some great info behind these links.  These focus on startup SaaS issues, by the way.

In no particular order:

First a PDF:  Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of SaaS

This is a killer one, from David Skok of Matrix Partners: Saas Metrics – A guide to Measuring and Improving What Matters

Looking to develop a SaaS sales comp plan?  Check out Crack The Code and related to SaaS sales compensation, here’s another from Keychain.

Read Bessemer’s SaaS top 10 Laws for being “saas-y” – as they say, you can break one or two, but breaking more will break the bank.  (View the slideshow from 2008 here

…And Joel’s point of view on Cost to acquire a customer is illustrated here at Chaotic-Flow.com

Back in 2002-ish when I lived in Boston and I worked at Intranets.com, we would have marketing breakfasts with the likes of Sean Ellis (then of LogMeIn, now consulting with rockstar companies)  execs from Constant Contact, and many other upstarts.  We didn’t really know just how unique these business models were.  I’ve been marketing SaaS technology since 2001 – well even before that when we called it ASPs.  I remember trying to form a group of like-minded businesses under the “ZeroSoftware.org” moniker, keying off the idea Marc Benioff had locked into “no software”.  I wish this data was available when I set out on this path!

Anywho, I am rambling.  I hope some of these links prove valuable.  Got other ones?  Please share!

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Technorati Set Up? Weird.

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I never got into the whole technorati.com thang… but now I am setting it up.  Please ignore this post.

short code 9ABRTGAGPXY7

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Just what Box.net wanted…

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Just what they wanted… a bug-eyed, nervous testimonial.  Even though I do it quite frequently these days, I am always a bit nervous when put in front of a camera.  I tend to open my eyes wider than normal, and lose track of my points.  Practice makes perfect, as does giving yourself 20 minutes to rehearse and get your bullet points on paper.  Regardless, I am big fans of the folks over at box.net and what they’ve done with their business over the last 5 years.  We’ve partnered with them at my current gig (Fuze Meeting).  I first met Aaron Levie back in 2005 while I was at WebEx when they didn’t really have a lot of traction – well – look at them now… Going up against sharepoint with a simpler model!  I love it.

We’ve been using Box.net internally after decommissioning our sharepoint installation – which had NOTHING to do with the partnership and everything to do with simplicity!


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Fuze Meeting at Demo – The Video

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Fuze Box at DemoFall09

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About a month or so ago we launched our latest version of Fuze Meeting – our mobile collaboration and web meeting tool at DEMOfall09.  Check out the video below.

Jeff, Rafael, Michael, Brook and I had a lot of fun pulling it all together at the last minute!

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So easy a 5 year old can do it!

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As a dad AND a VP of marketing at a growing internet company in silicon valley, sometimes you need to work on the weekend.  Well, this weekend I bought a new Cisco Flip HD video camera and brought my 5 year old twins into the office with my while I worked on an upcoming Fuze Meeting release (top secret!).

The following video was produced as a result.  It is titled “So easy a 5 year old can do it!”  I am biased, but I suggest watching it full-screen.  It is under 2 minutes.

Fuze Meeting from Patrick Moran on Vimeo.

Now, I’ve used my kids in work videos in the past, but this roughly edited, raw sequence seems to capture the essence of their cute-ness, as well as the essence of our product. 🙂  I added a little obligatory ukulele music to make it flow. I showed it around the office, and people told me I needed to share it via our blog.  Hey, why not.

Let me know what you think of it.  And please share with your friends if you like it!

Also posted on Fuze Meeting Blog

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SlideShare “Tell A Story” Contest

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Bad blogger, bad!

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Me:  Failure at maintaining my blog.

You:  Nonexistant audience.

Us:  We’ll come together again soon.

I’ve got a lot to say.


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Work in progress: Barack, Inc.

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My team and I have invested a few days in www.BarackInc.com — the companion website to a new book coming out by Barry Libert and Rick Faulk of Mzinga.  The book is being published by Pearson and FTPress.  It is meant to be a strightforward site. 

Check out www.barackinc.com for more information.


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Obama and Business… Lessons on Social Media

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My Chairman here at Mzinga (here in a lovely cyan blue) recently wrote this article.  You like?

From Mass High Tech:

View it here

Blue Barry from Mzinga

Blue Barry from Mzinga

It’s been two weeks since President-elect Barack Obama won his bid for the presidency. Much has already been written about the unprecedented fundraising techniques and precision campaign tactics that led to that history-making moment.

But what stands out most to me is the truly new type of leader that emerged before us — one who embraces change, attacks age-old challenges with bold new solutions, and recognizes that leadership is as much about listening and collaborating with people than it is about making hard decisions.

The overwhelmingly positive response to Obama’s leadership style is also a reflection of our increasingly social world. Through this election, it came across loud and clear that we expect our leaders to be more socially conscious, connected and transparent if they want to gain our support and trust.

And if you look closely, there are lessons in that for all leaders, particularly within the business world:

• Start with the idea of change that people can believe in

At the outset, Obama’s campaign team faced many of the challenges businesses face today — limited budgets, unknown brand, and strong competition. They also understood that the old way of doing things wasn’t working for the “business” of government, so they became agents of change in executing their strategies.

• Embrace social software to connect and foster your audience

Early on, Obama’s team recognized the sheer power that online and social technologies could offer in helping organize their operations, gain insight from their supporters, and extend their market reach to draw in more voters. Yet, many businesses today are hesitant to use these technologies. Embracing them can, and will, help expand your business potential.

• Engage your community in ongoing conversations and critical matters

It may be cliché, but people truly are the power behind any thriving business, whether they are the employees who run your operations or the customers and partners who invest in your products and services. Empowering and engaging your constituencies to participate in your business processes can only sharpen your competitive edge.

In a time where one out of five employees will leave your company, and a looming economic crisis has virtually every corporate budget bootstrapped, businesses are facing similarly daunting challenges as those faced by our government. We can keep doing what we’ve always done and hope for the best outcome. Or we can draw from the leadership lessons of our new president-elect, and increase our chances of winning against the odds.
Barry Libert is chairman of Mzinga, the leader in business social media and learning solutions for the workplace, marketplace and extended enterprise. He can be reached at barry@mzinga.com or he can be found on Twitter at @blibert.

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